Facts on pitbull
  • Pit Bulls have achieved the 4th highest passing rate of all 122 breeds tested. American Canine Temperament Testing Association
  • Pit bulls are commonly used for therapy at senior centers, and work for search & rescue teams across the U.S.
  • Pit bulls do not choose to be involved in the culture of violence
  • Pit bulls have not chosen to have had irresponsible owners teaching them to be aggressive, leading to all the bad press
  • An estimated 3,450 pit bulls are euthanized everyday in the U.S.
  • Pit bulls had been known as the "Nanny" dog overlooking children and the family household
  • Pit Bulls were once the all-American quintessential dog, the preferred family pet, working in film, and served as hero's in WWI
Everyday People
2 Being Realistic
  • If you are a renter, check with your building management for what breeds they allow before adopting
  • As with any adoption, please be financially secure so you can afford shots, vet care, and any emergencies
  • If you already own a dog, take the time to introduce the dogs in the best way possible. It's important to understand their body language.
  • All dogs need socializing & proper training. They love regular walks/exercise and need a confident pack leader
  • Educate yourself if you tend to be passive and not a leader. Dogs can bring out the best in you.
  • Pit bull puppies are a great start if you might be reluctant to starting with a large dog


Pit Love
  • Pit bulls are very loyal and develop a life-long and deep bond with their owner
  • In a positive and loving environment, pits are very attentive, affectionate, and gentle
  • With a composed and strong owner, pits excel in obedience and will always follow your lead
  • They are intelligent, protective, yet are friendly and open-minded.
  • Pit bulls have a sweet sense of humor, love warm beds, and thrive on affection from their owner
  • If you are seeking to adopt, every SPCA shelter in the U.S. always has pits needing homes. Every dog is     always screened before being available.




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